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Genealogy Books Preservation

   In partnership with the Madwaska HIstorical Society and the Maine State Library.  Genealogy books produced by the local family reunions during the Acadian Festival are out of print and many are falling apart. This project aims to make PDF copies of these items so they are preserved for future generations. Books that have not yet been indexed will have an index created to facilitate their use.  Once digitized, the items will be made available online at the Madawaska Historical Society website, as well as the Maine State Library's Digital Maine Reository. Text in the books (including names) will also be searchable from online search engines.

Project Status: BEGINING

1910 Abby Theriault Keene_ daughter of Charles & Sophie_.jpg

St. John Valley Times Obituary Index

The Library now has a complete index to every obituary that has appeared in the St. John valley Times since the beginning of its publication in 1957. Looking up a relative's or friend's obituary to find family information has never been easier. 

Project Status: COMPLETE.

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St. John Valley Times Digitization

​In 2014 Dan Berube took it upon himself to donate countless hours of his time to digitize the full run of the St. John Valley Times. Bound copies of the Times had just been donated to the library's holdings which made the digital project easier to complete as many editions that the library was missing were suddenly available.  The digitization continues, as staff continues to add missing material as it is aquired. 

Project Status: ONGOING. 

Studying in the Library

Online Catalog Migration

Over the past 18 months, the librarystaff has worked to catalog the 20,000 + items housed at the library. You may now search the online catalog at 

Project Status: COMPLETE.


Local History Photo Project (digital)

   The library has a large holding of local historical photographs. These photos are listed and can be found under search terms in the library catalog. We are always looking for more. If you have photos in your home that would benefit the historical knowledge of the area we encourage you to bring them to us. Staff will digitize the images, keeping a digital copy for the use of the library and The Madawaska Historical Society. Donors will also receive digital copies when the originals are returned. 

Project Status: ONGOING. 

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